A great opportunity to get the one-on-one support you may need to start, work on or complete your project. 

Private lessons and customized classes provide the time and dedicated instruction needed for any level of sewing. This is ideal for individuals who wish to learn and develop new sewing skills or take on more complex tasks with guided instruction.


In a private lesson, you can learn a new technique or advance your skill level at your pace, during a time that suits you. Consider a private lesson for custom pattern drafting, corset making or tailoring, beading or fine handwork. Perhaps you want to learn how to use your sewing machine, start a quilt, or complete your first pair of pajama pants and get the hemming done! 

Private Individual Lessons $45 per hour


If you and a friend would like to learn at the same time your hourly rate is reduced and you have even more fun. Bring different projects or work on the same one, it's up to you. 

Semi-private (2people) Lessons $80 per hour

Semi-private (3people) Lessons $105 per hour


Scheduling and advance payment are required to reserve your date and time.

HST is applied to all rates. 


Customized classes can be developed for you and your friends and are designed with your specific goals in mind. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a bridal shower or would like to take a class with just your friends, you can dream up a project and learn the skills needed to make it.